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How to buy stock as a gift for child

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How to Buy Stock as a Gift for a Child: A Comprehensive Guide

Buying stock as a gift for a child is a fantastic way to introduce them to the world of investing and teach them valuable financial skills from an early age. This guide aims to provide a simple and easy-to-understand overview of the process, outlining its benefits and conditions for use.

Benefits of Buying Stock as a Gift for a Child:

  1. Financial Education:

    • Introducing children to the concept of investing promotes financial literacy and responsibility.
    • They can learn about the stock market, the importance of saving, and the potential for long-term wealth growth.
  2. Long-Term Potential:

    • Investing in stocks offers the potential for significant capital appreciation over time.
    • The earlier the child starts investing, the longer their investments have to grow.
  3. Ownership and Engagement:

    • Owning stocks gives children a sense of ownership in the companies they invest in.
    • It can generate interest and spark curiosity about different industries and their impact on the world.
  4. Teaching Patience and Discipline:

    • Investing in stocks requires patience and discipline to ride out market fluctuations.
    • Children can learn valuable life skills such as delayed gratification and the importance of long-term goals
A custodial account is a type of investment account that's managed by a parent or guardian who opens it for a minor before the age of 18 (or 21, depending on the state.) Once the child turns the age of majority, the parent or guardian loses the ability to manage the account.

What are the best stocks to gift to a child?

Apple (AAPL, $175), Microsoft (MSFT, $316) and Walt Disney (DIS, $81) are all buy-rated components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average with excellent long-term track records—and they can all be fun to follow. Nike (NKE, $90) is another buy-rated Dow stock that likely holds relevance for your grandkid.

What is the best way to buy stock as a gift?

Besides gifting stock you already own, another option is to buy a new stock and then transfer ownership of it to someone else. After making the purchase with your broker, you can initiate a transfer to the recipient's account, usually accomplished with a transfer authorization form.

How do I buy shares on behalf of my child?

1. Buy shares in an informal trust such as a CommSec Minor Trust Account. By opening a Minor Trust Account, you create an informal trust. This trust makes you a trustee, the owner and operator of the account, which allows you to buy and hold shares on behalf of your child (the beneficiary of the trust).

Can a 12 year old buy stocks?

You usually have to be at least 18 to invest in stocks, although there are ways to get started even younger. An adult can open a custodial account on behalf of a child that will legally transfer to the child once they turn 18.

How do I buy stock for someone else as a gift?

You can start the process online in your own brokerage account by opting to gift shares or securities you own; if you can't find that option, contact your brokerage firm directly. If you want to gift a stock you don't already own, you'll have to purchase it in your account, then transfer it to the recipient.

How much stock can I gift my child tax free?

The annual gift tax exclusion entitles you to give away up to $17,000 per person per year as of 2023. You can use the lifetime exemption if the value of the stock is more than the annual exclusion. The lifetime exemption is $12.92 million as of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tax implications of gifting stock to family?

When you give stock, the recipient assumes your cost basis as well as your holding period. As an example, let's say you give your daughter $10,000 worth of stock that you purchased 10 years ago for $2,000. Whenever she sells the stock, she will owe long-term capital gains taxes on the profit beyond $2,000.

Can you transfer shares to kids?

Yes, you can transfer shares to and from a Minor Trust Account via an Off-Market Transfer form. This typically involves a transfer fee for each stock transferred.

How do I buy stock for my child as a gift?

One of the simplest ways to get kids started in stocks is to set up a custodial brokerage account. You'll be able to transfer existing shares of stock, mutual funds or other securities from your account to the custodial account, or buy specific securities directly within the custodial account.

How can I buy stock for my grandchild?

Custodial Brokerage Accounts A custodial brokerage account for a minor grandchild can be used to invest in securities such as stocks, mutual funds and more. Your grandchild owns the account; you manage it and make the investing decisions until the grandchild reaches legal age.

How do I gift stock to my children?

Giving stocks to family members involves several steps. First, you need to consider the number of shares you want to give. Next, contact your brokerage firm to begin the transfer, which likely requires filling out a gift transfer form and providing the recipient's brokerage account information.

What are the rules for gifting shares?

The general rule is that when a person makes a gift of a 'chargeable asset' – such as shares in a company – this is considered to be a 'disposal', which could create a 'chargeable gain' – a gain for which you'd incur Capital Gains Tax).


How do you give shares as a gift?
You have to submit a delivery instruction slip to your Demat account provider (DP or depository participant) to transfer shares from your Demat account (donor account) to the donee's Demat account. You can do this through an online demat account.
Do you pay taxes on gifted stock?
When you give stock, the recipient assumes your cost basis as well as your holding period. As an example, let's say you give your daughter $10,000 worth of stock that you purchased 10 years ago for $2,000. Whenever she sells the stock, she will owe long-term capital gains taxes on the profit beyond $2,000.
How does the IRS know if you give a gift?
If you've transferred money directly from your bank account in giving your gift, the IRS can find out about this. The IRS is generally unlikely to find out about a gift normally. However, if you get audited, the IRS will know. You could then be subject to penalties for not reporting the gift.
Can I gift shares of stock to my child?
Gifting Stocks to Minor Children You can transfer stocks from your brokerage account into a minor child's custodial account, which is set up at the same brokerage. Alternatively, you also can purchase stock for the custodial account. Once the child turns 18, the assets in the account belong to him or her.
How do I transfer shares from parent to child?
The transfer of shares from an online demat account is possible, but you may have to physically fill out delivery instruction slips and submit them. Also, once a gift of shares is executed, it can't be cancelled. You can find out more at Motilal Oswal, giving you the best in financial services.
How can I gift money to my child without paying taxes?
Anyone can open a 529 savings account on behalf of a beneficiary, but typically they're opened by parents or grandparents. The funds in the account grow tax-deferred and, as long as the funds are used for qualified educational expenses, such as tuition, books, supplies and room and board, withdrawals are tax-free.

How to buy stock as a gift for child

What are the tax consequences of gifting stock to family? Because you're gifting the stock directly instead of selling it, you won't owe capital gains tax — but the gift recipient will when they eventually sell the shares. Capital gains tax is based on the profit (capital gain) from a given stock sale rather than the total amount of the sale.
Can I buy stocks in my child's name? A minor, commonly a person under age 18, may be named on a brokerage account if a parent or guardian opens a custodial account with the child. Under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, parents can only use the money in these accounts for the child.
What is the minimum age to buy stocks? 18 years old You usually need to be at least 18 years old to participate in the stock market. However, there are some ways around that. Adults can open a custodial account with a brokerage on behalf of a child and then, in the role of custodian, invest in the stock market for them, with or without the teenager's input.
Can a parent buy stocks for their child? To start investing in stocks on their own, your kid will need a brokerage account, and they must be at least 18 years old to open one. They can start earlier than this, but they'll need a parent or guardian to open a custodial account for them. What is a custodial account?
Can I gift stock to my child without paying tax? The Tax Implications of Giving Stock Gift tax: The gift tax can apply to stocks, but the Internal Revenue Code offers some leeway that helps many who give avoid paying the gift tax. The annual gift tax exclusion entitles you to give away up to $17,000 per person per year as of 2023.
Can you avoid capital gains by gifting? Consider the potential impact of capital gains taxes If you gift cash, generally there are no income tax consequences for the recipient, though there could be gift and estate tax implications to the donor. But if you give appreciated securities, the capital gains taxes can be significant.
  • Is there any charges for gifting stocks?
    • What are the fees for gifting? The standard off-market transfer fee of ₹25 or 0.03% per stock, + 18% GST whichever is higher, is applicable. There are no additional charges for gifting securities.
  • Can you gift a share of stock to a child?
    • Can you gift stock? Yes, you can gift stock. Gifting stock means the recipient will benefit from any increases in the stock's value. You can gift stock to kids through a custodial account, and you can gift stock to adults with a simple transfer.
  • How do you give stocks as a gift?
    • Brokerage account transfer: You can buy the stock with your brokerage account and transfer it to the recipient, assuming they also have an account. For kids, you'll probably want to set up a custodial account, leaving you in control until they reach a certain age.
  • How do i gift stock to my child
    • 4 days ago — You can gift stock to kids through a custodial account, while you can gift stock to adults through a simple transfer. 1. Gifting stock to kids 
  • Is gifting stock a good idea?
    • Stocks can be given to a recipient, who then benefits from any gains in the stock's price. Giving stocks and other securities can also have benefits for donors as well, particularly if the stock has previously appreciated in value. If you're the donor, you can potentially avoid taxes on the earnings or gains.
  • Is it better to gift stock or cash to family?
    • If the stock has appreciated, by selling and giving the cash to your daughter, you'd realize a gain on the sale and have to pay capital gains taxes (holding the stock for one year or less is short-term; more than a year is long-term). Therefore, in this case it's probably better to give her the stock.